VS App

VS app will help you make better decisions.
Just published two choices and get what friends and users think it’s better.
Don’t you know what a shoe is more beautiful? Who is the better singer? What better to do? Just go up vs…

VS can upload images and text.

VS is a social network where users can post VS about anything they want.
After the publication of the VS users can vote for what they are.
Simply you get what Hadar.

Enjoy with Happy VS!




VS (Versus) is the app for comparing everything, from products to destinations. Such a comparison will always help smart buyers, like you, to make smarter decisions.
You just need to publish two choices and get your friends and other users to vote for the best option.

Don’t you know which pair of shoes is more beautiful than the other? Are you confused who between the two singers is the better one? Just go to VS!

VS (Versus) is a sophisticated comparison app platform presenting facts that are stripped of any marketing influence and are easy to digest. From cakes to cities, from pin to plane—if you have a comparision to make, you need to trust this Versus app. Plus, the number of categories is getting bigger and better.

Compare: phones, cameras, CPUs, tablets, headphones, graphics cards, cities, sports watches, single speakers, PC and gaming headsets, camcorders, monitors, fitness trackers, game consoles, motherboards, TVs, all-in-one DJ MIDI controllers, universities, robotic vacuum cleaners, washing machines, projectors, mobile phone headsets, gps navigation systems, scanners, e-readers, SSDs, smartwatches, MP3 players, voice recorders, MV* frameworks, ski resorts, washer-dryers, tumble dryers, etc.

VS is a social network where users can post a VS about anything you want. After the publication of the VS, users can vote for what they like.

With VS, you get what’s the best.

Thanks to VS for letting you take the right decision easily. So resolve confusion with VS!